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Enzymes and Temperature Free Essays

Zaquia Austin Enzymes and Temperature Laboratory #6 3/13/2013 Purpose (Objectives): The motivation behind this investigation was for understudies to have the option to comprehend the catalyst encouraged response and clarify how chemical movement can be influenced by condition conditions. Theoretical: This investigation primarily delt with catalysts and the response that compounds have with various arrangements in different temperatures. Three distinct activities were finished. We will compose a custom paper test on Chemicals and Temperature or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now The primary exercise had to do with proteins and temperature. During this activity three distinctive test tubes were utilized for three diverse temperates. The main test tube which included 0 ? C water shower had a complete transformation of starch to sugar in the initial 15 minutes, and the subsequent test tube which included 37? C water shower had a complete change of starch to sugar after the initial five minutes. While the third test tube took somewhat more. The subsequent exercise had to do with proteins and substrate focus. This activity took more time for the entirety of the starch to be expelled from the test cylinders, and it included 37? C water shower for each of the five test tubes. The last exercise had to do with proteins and pH. This activity included four test tubes all put into a water shower of 37? C. The fourth test tube had an all out change of starch to sugar in the initial five minutes while the other three took somewhat longer to change over. Investigation Observation: First the water showers and the 1% Alpha-amylase was readied. Three distinctive water showers were readied. One being set at 0? C, the following being set at 37? C and the last one being set at 100? C. Next a 96-well microplate was set apart with times and numbers dependent on the test tubes number. At that point utilizing a pipet one drop of iodine was put into each well (1,2,3) up to aggregate of 30 minutes. At that point the test tubes were checked 1cm and 6cm from the base. A short time later, 1cm of alpha-amylase was pipetted into each test tube. At that point, test tube 1 was brooded at 0? C, test tube 2 was brooded at 37? C, and test tube 3 was hatched at 100? C for five minutes. After that 1% starch arrangement was added to the 6cm imprint. Next it was returned to its doled out water shower for an additional 5 minutes. At that point two drops of arrangement was placed into its relating number on the microplate in the brief line. The shading was promptly recorded. The means were rehashed for a time frame minutes or until each all around had a golden shading in it. Test tube 3 didn't change inside the brief stretch so it was put into the 37? C water shower for an additional 30 minutes. At that point one drop of arrangement and one drop of iodine was included into the well. There was still no shading change, so another 1cm of alpha-amylase was added to it and was brooded for an additional 30 minutes, the shading got golden. Table 1. Impact of Temperature on Amylase Enzyme Conversion of Starch to Sugar |Time/Minutes |Test Tube 1/0? C |Test Tube 2/37? C |Test Tube 3/100? C | |5 |+ |-|++ | |10 |+ | |++ | |15 |-| |++ | |20 | |++ | |25 | |++ | |30 | |++ | |60 | |++ | |90 |-| The shade of iodine that showed that starch was as yet present in the test tube was the Black/Blue-Black shading. The shading that demonstrated that the starch was gone was the Amber shading. Amylase separates the starch which causes it to vanish, it doesn't respond with iodine any longer. The variable in this test can be an autonomous variable. The adjustment in the examination is the starch to sugar. The temperature that is ideal is 37? C. The temperature that encouraged previously was the 37? C, at that point it was 0? C. No 37? C was picked as the mid-go temperature since that degrees in Fahrenheit is 98. 6? F. It was essential to promptly watch the shading on the grounds that sooner or later it changes hues once more. In the event that you would have quite recently included the iodine in test tubes that would have demolished the whole analysis in light of the fact that there wouldn’t be anything to test on the off chance that it didn’t work the first run through. When the test tube was hatched at 37? c nothing occur. The starch didn't vanish, perhaps on the grounds that there wasn’t enough amylase. After 1cm of alpha-amylase was included and hatched at 37? C the starch in the long run vanished. This likely didn’t happen the first run through on the grounds that the more amylase there is its better possibility separating the starch. [pic] My underlying speculation was that the more starch arrangement there is the more it will bring for it to separate amylase. My speculation was really upheld, there was more starch then amylase, when there should have been more amylase at that point starch. I discovered that amylase separates starch, and that its a stomach related compound. Exercise 2: First a water shower was set at 37? C. At that point the microplate was name this time five test tubes were utilized. One drop of iodine was set into each well (1,2,3,4,5) as long as 30 minutes. At that point 1/2cm was set apart from the base of the test tube. Next for each cylinder an extra cm was included. For test tube one 2cm over the base, test tube two 3cm over the base, test tube three 4cm over the base, test tube four 5cm over the base, test tube five 6cm over the base. At that point 1/2 alpha-amylase was added to the 1/2 cm blemish on the test tube. A while later the test tubes were set into the water shower for five minutes. Next 1% starch arrangement was added to the following cm blemish on the test tubes. The test tubes were returned to the water shower for an additional five minutes. At that point two drops of the arrangement was added to every one of the relating wells. This was accomplished for every one of the five test tubes. Promptly record the hues. The means were finished for a time frame minutes. The cylinders that included not changed shading inside the brief stretch was returned to the water shower for an additional 30 minutes. Two drops of arrangement and one drop of iodine was placed into the well and the golden shading was recorded. Table 2: The Effect of Concentration on Amylase Enzyme Conversion of Starch to Sugar |Time/Minutes |Tube 1 |Tube 2 |Tube 3 |Tube 4 |Tube 5 | |Concentration of Amylase: |0. 5cm/2cm |0. 5cm/3cm |0. 5cm/4cm |0. 5cm/5cm |0. 5cm/6cm | |Per test tube |25% |17% |12. % |10% |8% | |5 |++ | |10 |++ | |15 |++ | |20 |++ | |25 |++ |-|++ |-|++ | |30 |++ | |++ | |++ | |++ | |++ | |60 |++ |-| The variable in this activity the substrate focuses. Test tube 3 This analysis could be improved if each test tube had its own water shower. My theory was that test tube five would change over to sugar first. I estimated this because on the grounds that test tube five had the most starch. In this activity I discovered that catalysts can be utilized again and again to encourage the change of substances before they are denatured. Some handy applications can be Food and Beverages D. Another way this analysis should be possible is by utilizing various temperatures of water showers. Exercise 3: First a water shower was set at 37? C. The microplate was named, this time just four test tubes were utilized. Each test tube was stamped 1cm, 2cm, and 4cm from the base. Next one drop of iodine was added to the weel (1,2,3,4) and u to a brief span. At that point an alternate pH support was added to each test tube at the 1cm imprint. For test tube one pH 3. 5 cushion was included, for test tube two pH 5 support was included, for test tube three pH 6. 8 was included, and for test tube four pH 11. 5 was included. A while later, 2cm of alpha-amylase was included. At that point the test tubes was put into the water shower to be hatched. Following five minutes starch arrangement was added to the staying 4cm imprint, at that point put once more into the water shower. Following five minutes two drops of arrangement was placed into each comparing great. Quickly record shading. The means were finished for a time frame minutes. The fourth test tube indicated shading quickly, yet the other three test tubes didn't. Table 3: The Effect of pH on Amylase Enzyme Conversion of Starch to Sugar |Time/Minute |Test Tube 1 |Test Tube 2 |Test Tube 3 |Test Tube 4 | |pH |3. 5 |5. 0 |6. 8 |11. 5 | |5 |++ |-| |10 |++ | |15 |++ | |20 |++ ++ |++ | |25 |++ | |30 |++ |+ | |60 |+ | The variable in this activity is the pH. Just the fourth test tube changed over starch to sugar, I think this happend in light of the fact that it had a higher measure of support. Indeed the initial three test tube didn't display an adjustment in shading.. There pH was a lot of lower then the last one. I speculated that the test tube with the pH cradle would change over to sugar first. My theory was disprove. End: Temperature, and the hours of hatching. You can get various substrates in the event that you change the hatching times. In this research center I figured out how to perceive catalyst encourage responses, and how to tell when starch is changed over into sugar. Some viable applications could be yeast, cleanser, cowhide and bioethanol. Conversation/Error Analysis/Conclusion: The initial segment of this research facility depended on testing the alpha-amylase catalyst movement on starch under three temperature situations, 0? C, 37? C, and 100? C. The following part was to exhibit the impacts of substrate focus on compound reactivity. The last exercise depended on testing how alpha-amylase capacities at four distinctive pH levels (3. ,5,6. 8, and 11. 5). A couple of blunders that happened was one, the changing of the water shower temperatures. On the off chance that the shower remained at a steady temperature, at that point it presumably would have had any kind of effect to a portion of the cylinders. Another research center blu nder could have been that there were just a chosen few of pipets. In the event that there were pipets for each activity that could have had any kind of effect despite the fact that the pipets were cleaned after each examination, it despite everything would have made an alternate on the off chance that it was a perfect dry pipet. Another research facility mistake could have been the brooding occasions. These blunders could be minimi

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Case Study of Thermal Comfort in House free essay sample

Arrangements, issues and issue distinguishing pieces of proof for every individual rooms has been the point of this report. Other than that, this report additionally furnishes strategy and technique managing the warm solace in each room. 1. 1 Introduction Modern man go through the majority of their days indoor, in this way, warm solace is a significant part of the structure configuration process. Fulfillment with the warm condition is communicated through the perspective which characterizes warm solace. Broad normalization and displaying exists for warm solace, which depends both on physiological and physical parameters. The warmth trade between the earth and the human body, can be depicted as the quality of the earth. Theres no standard for warm solace, it includes such huge numbers of perspective including brain science, physiology, building sciences and numerous logical fields which makes this issue significantly progressively perplexing. Page 2 Table of Content 1. Theoretical 1. 1 Introduction 2. 0 Basic standards and necessities of Thermal Comfort 2. 1 Environmental Factors 2. 1. 1 Air Temperature 2. 1. 2 Radiant Temperature 2. We will compose a custom article test on Contextual investigation of Thermal Comfort in House or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page 1. 3 Air Velocity 2. 1. 4 Humidity 2. Individual Factor 2. 2. 1 Clothing protection 2. 2. 2 Metabolic Heat 3. 0 Background of chosen building 3. 1 Floor plans and spaces 3. 2 Macroclimate 4. 0 Justification of contextual investigation 4. 1 Issues and suggestions 4. 1. 1 Living lobby 4. 1. 2 Room 1 4. 1. 3 Stairway 4. 1. 4 Room 3 5 4. 1. 5 Room 6 4. 1. 6 Overall Building 5. 0 Conclusion 6. 0 References 21 22 9 7 6 4 5 2 Page 3 2. 0 Basic Principles and prerequisites of Thermal Comfort Thermal Comfort According to P. O Fanger, warm solace of a structure is influenced by six sorts of parameters. In addition, these six parameters of warm solace can be isolated into two distinctive sort of elements and they are the individual and condition elements and they are as underneath: Environmental factor 1. Dampness 2. Air Velocity 3. Brilliant Temperature 4. Air Temperature Personal Factor 1. Metabolic warmth 2. Dress Insulation picture demonstrating the six components of warm solace Page 4 2. 1 Environmental components: 2. 1. 1. Air temperature our body are encircled via air temperature and they are typically measure in (Â °F). Fahrenheit or (Â °C) Degrees. 2. 1. Brilliant temperature Heat that emanates from warm article is called as warm brilliant. At the point when theres ehat sources around the earth, brilliant warmth will be available. On how we lose and gain heat through nature, brilliant temperature has a more noteworthy impact contrasted with the air temperature. By wearing intelligent attire, our skin retains less warmth yet without it, our skin ingests heat as much as a m att dark article. Here are a couple of instances of brilliant warmth sources and they are liquid metals, apparatus, sweltering surfaces, dryers, cookers, dividers in furnaces, broilers, steam rollers, urnaces, electric terminated, fire, sun and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 2. 1. 3 Air speed If air speed is cooler than the earth, the speed of air moving across specialist may chill them off. Individuals are generally touchy to air speed hence its increasingly significant factor in warm solace. Individuals feel stodgy in a stale or stilled air indoor conditions. Especiall when they are falsely warmed up. 2. 1. 4. Stickiness Humidity is given when water is warmed and vanished into the air coming about muggy and wet in air. 70% to 40% of relative mugginess wouldnt cause sway on warm solace Page 5 . 2 Personal elements: 2. 2. 1. Dress protection By its very nature, attire can meddle with our capacity to lose warmth to the environmental factors. On wearer, warm solace is to a great extent reliant on the protecting impact of apparel. In any event, when nature is in flawless condition, not hot or cool, wearing a lot of individual defensive hardware (PPE) or wearing an excess of dress perhaps be a significant reason for heat pressure. Cold wounds, for example, hypothermia and ice chomp might be caused on the wearer in the event that he/she didnt not wear enough dress with protection in cool conditions. . 2. 2. Work rate/metabolic warmth For warm hazard evaluation, metabolic or work rate is fundamental. As we complete physical exercises, we produce heat from the internal of our bodies. The more warmth we produce when the more physical work we do. The most warmth will be lost when the more warmth we produce. This is to keep body from overheating. On warm solace, the effect of metabolic rate is basic. In particular, It is indispensable to consider the people own physical qualities while thinking about these elements. Page 6 3. 0 Background of chosen building The chose working in this report is situated at Townhouse 2, 279 Sandgate Road, Shortland, New South Wales 2307. Its the main house behind townhouse 1, it cant truly be seen from Sandgate street. This house is a twofold story working with around of 400 square meters of inside spaces. Townhouse 2 , 279, Sandgate Road 3. 1 Floor Plans and spaces The ground floor comprises of two rooms, a living corridor, kitchen, feasting zone, utility region and a little washroom, while the main floor comprises of only four rooms with singular restrooms. Page 7 Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan For this situation study, the two levels are being broke down as far as warm solace. 3. 2 Macroclimate During mid years, the climate of New South Wales beach front region is marginally moist and mild and normal is somewhat sticky and calm and regular liberated from outrageous cold or hot. The chose contextual analysis is situated at Shortland Sandgate street, directly close to the University of Newcastle. the following is the picture of significant atmosphere for University of Newcastle. picture indicating atmosphere of UON. www. bom. gov. au/atmosphere/normal Page 8 4. Legitimization of contextual investigation For this situation study, encounters and avocation of human are utilized to break down things around the room/working with no information assortment. 4. 1 Issues and suggestions For this situation study, both story will be broke down as per various feels and perception of the creator. Issues of the space will be noted out and suggestions wil l be given to additionally improve warm solace in the house. 4. 1. 1 Living Hall Plan demonstrating living lobby area in the house. Perception and investigation dependent on tangible of the analyser: The living lobby and kitchen is at the north side of the structure. However, the structure is cold lasting through the year. This is likely in light of the fact that the North presentation to daylight isn't sufficient. The kitchen has blocked portion of the north introduction and there are a ton of trees outside the house that obstructed the immediate daylight into the house. The house is in dim more often than not of the day. Page 9 Issues and proposals of the region. Hard floor completes Floor on the living lobby to be earthenware tiles since when these tiles which lay on the solid chunk will build the warm mass and has capacity to store heat in it. during summer, this can improve the cooling of the house, gave all windows are to be concealed. t works the best for places with great north daylight get to, thusly, this spot needs more openings toward the north too. Expand Window opportunity. By expanding windows towards the north territory, more daylight can be coordinated into the house. Obviously, with sun shades and blinds on the window also to fo restall overexposure to the daylight. Migrating the trees outside the house. Trees outside the house can be migrated to behind the kitchen to abstain from blocking direct daylight into the living territory. Picture demonstrating migration of plants outside living and kitchen zone Page 10 4. 1. Room 1 Plan demonstrating area of Room 1 Observation and investigation dependent on tangible of the analyser: Room one primary window is looking toward the West and solid evening summer daylight is shone legitimately into the clients room, this makes the room sweltering during mid year. Picture of room 1 from outside Page 11 Issues and suggestions of the zone. Picture demonstrating how section can control daylight passage during various season. A chunk is prescribed to be introduced above room ones window to cut off summer daylight. by along these lines, sun won't be coordinated into the room and it can remain cool during summer . The chunk length ought to be accommodating to permit winter daylight to sparkle into the structure and warmth up the room. 4. 1. 3 Stairway Plan demonstrating the area of flight of stairs Page 12 Stairway in the house Observation and investigation dependent on tactile of the analyser: The flight of stairs/focal of the house is dull and feels clogged as there are no ventilations around this zone. It feels awkward and it amkes individuals wheeze strolling up the steps. Issues and suggestions of the region. picture indicating the fumes framework suggested http://www. 123rf. com/photo_10021797_ventilation-framework It is prescribed to introduce a ventilation framework on the flight of stairs. in the focal region of the house, which is the flights of stairs interfacing ground floor to the principal floor, committed fumes ventilation fan associated with outside air conduit is introduced on the territory. This fumes fan is worked physically in spite of the fact that it tends to be associated with cooling framework activity, warming activity, humidistat or a clock. The great side about this framework is that humidistat or clock can be utilized to permit ventilations at a particular time, or when the house is excessively moist inside or when one of the poisons in house is high. This devoted fumes fan is littler than normal heater blower, It gives most extreme control to inhabitants too. Page 13 4. 1. 4 Room 6. Plan showing the area of room 6 View of room 6 from outside Observation and examination dependent on tactile of the analyser: Rooms 6 is the coldest among all rooms during winter, It is the extra room included barely any months prior, and it should be an upper living lobby. The floor is comprised of tiles and the internal dividers are timber with

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Blog Archive MBA News Integrated Reasoning Scares Off Test Takers

Blog Archive MBA News Integrated Reasoning Scares Off Test Takers Despite a recent decline in GMAT test takers, prospective MBAs should not be too quick to speculate more broadly  about the state of business school. This past June, the number of test takers reportedly fell by 48,000 (17%) compared with the previous year. While this may look to some critics like “more air hissing out of the MBA bubble,” Bloomberg Businessweek argues instead that the GMAT itself is to blame. The drop in the number of test takers coincides with the Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMACs) introduction of the Integrated Reasoning section to the exam in June 2012. “Traditionally, there is an increase in testing volume before you change a standardized test as test takers opt for the familiar over the unfamiliar at transition time,” a GMAC spokeswoman explained to Bloomberg Businessweek. The same pattern apparently followed revisions made to the GRE in 2011 and revisions to the GED in 2002. Yet even with the new Integrated Reasoning section, GMAT test takers did not fare much worse than in past years (the average score was 546â€"two points lower than in 2012 and two points higher than in 2011), suggesting that “all that angst over the revised exam appears to have been misplaced.” Share ThisTweet News

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Essay on Case Study Dupont Divestiture of Conoco

FI561- Mergers and Acquisitions Week 5 Case Study: DuPont Divestiture of Conoco November 27, 2011 . Abstract In this paper, we are examining the 1998 DuPont spin off of Conoco by analyzing the transaction itself. Then, I look at one of the possible alternatives to the chosen transaction and compare that alternative with the actual long term impacts of the sale. I will then decide and recommend which option would have been the best utilized by DuPont over the long-term in order to generate the most revenue from its ownership of Conoco. DuPont purchased Conoco in 1981 and it was the largest merger in corporate history at that time. The purchase gave DuPont a secure source of petroleum feedstocks needed for many of its fiber†¦show more content†¦Conoco was involved in different aspects of the oil industry, however, which somewhat sheltered DuPont against sudden drops in the price of oil. A spin-off of Conoco meant that executives would be able to address these two issues at the same time. To determine if this was the most appropriate course of action requires looking at the situation through the eyes of CFO. This will be accomplished by: analyzing the actions that took place and possible alternatives. These different elements will help determine it the spin-off was a financially prudent transaction over the long term, or if an alternative transaction would have been more financially worthwhile. The Actions of DuPont In 1998, the price of crude oil went into a major decline with prices collapsing to below $20 per barrel after reaching highs around $37 during the Iran oil embargo of 1979. (â€Å"Chartsbin†) Some companies within the oil industry such as Conoco In some cases were integrated producers that were somewhat protected against an overall collapse in the price of oil. Conoco had operations in different segments of the industry including: drilling, refining, transportation and production. The combination of these segments helped provide Conoco with consistent profits those profits were not as high as DuPont executives had hoped whenShow MoreRelatedCase Analysis : Dupont Company1135 Words   |  5 PagesWRITTEN ANALYSIS Initially, DuPont started operating in 1802 as a gunpowder manufacturer supplying the U.S. army under the president Thomas Jefferson. It is based in Delaware. The company operated in different industries because they had a tradition of technological innovation in businesses as diverse as food and nutrition, healthcare, agriculture, fashion and apparel, home and construction, electronics, transportation and energy. During the year it evolved into a giant chemical and textileRead MoreEssay on Dupont Divestiture1607 Words   |  7 PagesDuPont’s Divestiture of Conoco | Analysis of the Merger | | DuPont began life in 1802, as a gunpowder manufacturer supplying the US Army under President Thomas Jefferson. The company had a long tradition of technological innovations in business and it continues to serve worldwide markets including food and nutrition;  health care; agriculture; fashion and apparel; home and construction; and electronics. Among some of its inventions are nylon stockings invented in 1939, Teflon for pans, KevlarRead MoreDivestiture of Dupont Company1274 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Running Head: DIVERSTITURE OF DUPONT COMPANY DIVERSTITURE OF DUPONT COMPANY I suggest a divestiture model that will enable Dupont to sell a minority stake in Conaco. A partial sale, in the range of 40 to 50 per cent, will enable Dupont to make upfront payment to reduce its debt load as well as ongoing interests in the company through its remaining stake. Basically, such an arrangement would allow the businesses to act in a more commercial manner, thus increasing the value of Duponts remainingRead MoreExxon Mobile Merger13851 Words   |  56 Pagesdeal terms, discounted cash flow (DCF) spreadsheet valuation models, DCF formula valuation models, valuation sensitivity analysis, the value consequences of the merger, antitrust and competitive reaction patterns, and the implications of the clinical study for merger theory. JEL classification: G34, G20 Keywords: Mergers; Acquisitions; Alliances The Exxon-Mobil Merger: An Archetype The high level of merger activities throughout the world between 1994 and 2000 reflected major change forces. TheseRead MoreA Financial Perspective on Mergers and Acquisitions and the Economy19349 Words   |  78 Pagesin 1986 and 36 of 3000 deals in 1985 (Grimm, 1985). There were only seven billion-dollar plus deals in total, prior to 1980. In addition to these takeovers, mergers, and leveraged buyouts, there were numerous corporate restructurings involving divestitures, spinoffs, and large stock repurchases for cash and debt. The gains to shareholders from these transactions have been huge. The gains to selling-firm shareholders from mergers and acquisition activity in the period 1977-86 total $346 billion (inRead MoreExxon Mobile Capstone40455 Words   |  162 Pages........................................................33   Acquisitions ............................................................................................................................................ ...........................34   Divestiture.........................................................................................................................................................................35   Joint  Venture  and  Alliances ............................................

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legal - 1179 Words

GAY MARRIAGES Some states such as Iowa legalized gay marriage through the action of judicial interpretation based on the state’s constitutional stipulations while other states such as Vermont legalized gay marriage through legislation initiatives. These cases demonstrate the government is the sole body that can dictate the validity of whatever is to be regarded as a marriage, and in this case gay marriage. The power to validate marriage is still observed among the private citizens, religious institutions, in families and in the civil society as well. The society, religious institutions and the state seem to be influencing the degree of freedom of marriage by deciding who marries and who can’t marry. These parties’ involvement in the issue of marriage has significantly raised fundamental issues about the biased nature of promoting equity in granting marriage rights most especially to homosexual couples. The government engages in action of granting dignity to a potential couple for marriage. However, religious institutions take up the role of administering the right of marriage. The society should accept the existence of homosexual people because their presence does not directly harm or pose any threats to the society. In the article titled ‘Another Argument for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriages’, Donald Marron suggests that â€Å"It would benefit those who want to get married, while harming, as best as I can tell, no one. (In econo-speak, that’s called a Pareto improvement, and theShow MoreRelatedGay Marriage Should Be Legal1205 Words   |  5 PagesHoward Sociology 1301-93431 Gay Marriage Getting married is something that most people do when they find love, which it is an important event in their life. The GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community now get the legal right of same-sex marriage, which they have fought for throughout the years; on the other hand, some opponents of same-sex marriage have called for a constitut ional change towards it. Although there were some countries that allowed gay marriage before the United StatesRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1159 Words   |  5 PagesAmendment, which puts a ban on gay marriage. This amendment entitles to equal rights to the gay community, ending toleration of discrimination in jobs, rights protecting gays from hate crimes,rights allowing advancement in government. However, the concept of gay marriage is still not considered a right the American people should extend to homosexuals. II. The vast majority of opponents believe marriage should be between one woman and one man, meaning marriage should be between members of the oppositeRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1574 Words   |  7 Pagesequal rights. Gays and lesbians are consistently denied rights that are typically taken for granted by the average American. Specifically, gay and lesbian couples are denied the right to marry even if they are outstanding citizens. They are held at an unfair disadvantage solely because of their sexual orientation. This discrimination must stop, because gay and lesbian couples are law-abiding citizens too, who should be afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples. Marriage is about love andRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1564 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is marriage? Recently, people argue with respect to the definition of marriage. What happened to marriage? To get married is a very important event for almost everyone. Especially for women, marriage and giv ing a birth could be the two biggest events of their lives. Many people believe that getting married to the one whom he or she loves is natural. However, what do you think if you cannot get married to him or her because it is socially unacceptable? 100 years ago different colored peopleRead MoreShould Gay Marriage Be Legal?778 Words   |  3 PagesShould Gay Marriage Be Legal? â€Å"†¦I now pronounce you husband and wife†¦Ã¢â‚¬  One would normally hear this when attending a wedding. In tradition marriage has been between one male and one female who love each other. But how would one feel if they heard â€Å"I now pronounce you groom and groom† or how about â€Å"†¦bride and bride...†? In the last 50 years the number of same-sex couples has increased. The on-going argument between the government and the people is â€Å"Should gay marriage be legal?† Although some sayRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1126 Words   |  5 PagesJune 26, 2015 for gay marriage to be legal in all fifty states, thirty seven out of the fifty and Washington D.C already legalized gay marriage. Many support gay marriage and many do not, with widespread values and reasons for and against it. Due to religion and rights people across the nation have differing views and opinions of it.In a five to four vote in the Supreme Court gay marriage becam e legalized in all fifty states. Shortly after that a few marriage officiators and marriage licenses peopleRead MoreThe Gay Marriage Should Be Legal947 Words   |  4 PagesDefending Gay Marriage During the last few years, homosexuality has become an important issue for debate. Moreover, homosexuals have taken their case further by claiming their right to marry. Same-sex marriage, usually known as â€Å"gay marriage†, is the marriage between two people from the same biological sex (Doskow1). Since 2000, eleven countries have approved the legalization of gay marriage worldwide: Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, ArgentinaRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1480 Words   |  6 PagesNew World Dictionary defines the word married as being husband and wife, yet there are millions of gay activists who are fighting for a new meaning. They believe marriage is more than a piece of paper and a set of rings. The hope is that marriage could be defined as a â€Å"public recognition of a private commitment† or â€Å"emotional, financial, and psychological bond† between two people (Sullivan 53). Gay activists belie ve that taking away the ability to have a publicly recognized relationship or an acceptedRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1351 Words   |  6 Pageshappened for United States, gay marriage became legal in all 50 states. In most states it already was but the remaining 13 became legal this year. There are many concerns regarding gay marriage, and the effects of them involve many legislative, cultural, religious and family issues. Gay marriage is controversial because a lot of people do not approve of it, they think it is immoral, unnatural, and not what the traditional concept of â€Å"marriage† really means. Opponents of gay marriage say it is only meantRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal925 Words   |  4 PagesGay Marriage jenisea Phoenix Community College Gay Marriage What if you met someone and fell deep in love? What if they meant everything in the world to you? Wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to make them happy? What if i told you that you couldn’t? and that no matter how much you showed someone that you are meant to be that you couldn’t marry them? Wouldn’t that tear you apart inside?. â€Å"The Human Rights Campaign Foundation states that

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Benefits Of Non Renewable Energy - 788 Words

Non-Renewable energy is the energy which is taken from the sources that are available on the earth in limited quantity and will vanish fifty-sixty years from now. Non-renewable sources aren’t friendly to the environment and can have serious impacts on people’s health. They’re called non-renewable because they can’t be generated again within a small amount of time. Non-renewable sources are existent in the form of fossil fuels, natural gas, oil and coal. Now, just like Renewable sources do, Non-Renewable sources also include pros and cons. Pros, Non-renewable sources are low in price and pose no difficulty to utilize. You can with ease fill up the tank of a car and power a motor vehicle. People can use short quantity of nuclear energy to†¦show more content†¦Why should we conserve Energy? Energy has to be taken care of to protect our environment from huge changes, to rescue the depleting resources for our to come generations. The rate at which the energy is being created and consumed can harm earth in many ways. In other words, it helps us to save the environment. We can reduce those impacts by consuming less energy. The cost of energy is rising every year. It is important for us to realize how energy is useful to us and how can we avoid it getting wasted. Home energy audits in Calabasas will develop custom solutions to keep the energy efficiency of your home at its highest level. Energy in India defines energy and electricity manufacture, depletion and importation in India. Energy policy of India designates the politics of India associated with energy. Electricity segment in India is the central article of electricity in India. At India, The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy offers data in the form of a yearly report concerning advancement in the energy area. India is a remaining energy distributor. India was 3rd highest coal producer in 2009. India carries importations of oil and coal. Energy conservation has arisen as t he main policy goal, and the Energy Conservation Act in 2001, was approved by the Indian Parliament in September of 2001, 35.5% percent of the populace still live deprived of the right to use electricity. This Act necessitates great

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Theory and Measurement of Economic Externalities MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Theory and Measurement of Economic Externalities. Answer: Introduction: The essay focuses on the economic analysis of the article on discovery and effects of new genes on the bread wheat production in Australian economy. The article says that researchers have found 21000 new variety of genes in 16 different varieties of wheat. Also the variations among the common wheat varieties have also been discovered. According to professor David Edwards, these new discoveries could help in the creation of disease resistant wheat varieties as well as it could open up opportunities in the wheat production in the world. Hence, this discovery of new genes has a positive effect on the horticulture industry of Australia. This not only would increase the variety of wheat to be produced, but it would improve the quality of wheat also by making it disease resistant (Logan, 2017). The market for wheat is a market with perfect competition. Here, the product is homogeneous; there are many buyers and sellers; a single seller has no power to influence the market price, hence, the sellers are price taker (Kirzner 2015). The discovery and application of new disease resistant genes in the wheat is going to increase the supply of the wheat in the market. As better quality of wheat is ensured, and disease resistant genes ensure that the level of crop damage due to diseases is reduced, the supply of wheat will rise in the market (Tomek Kaiser, 2014). The above figure shows that initially the market equilibrium is at E1, with price P1 and quantity supplied Q1. With the introduction of new genes in the wheat varieties, the crop damage is reduced and better quality is supplied. Thus, supply of wheat rises in the market, and supply curve shifts rightward from S1 to S2. In the short run, demand will not change as the income and preferences of the consumers do not change. Thus, there is excess supply in the market at the initial price P1. To absorb this excess supply, the producers will decrease the price to P2 to reach the new market equilibrium at E2. The new equilibrium price is less than the initial equilibrium price and quantity is more than the initial quantity supplied. Price elasticity of demand is the change in the quantity demanded due to one percent change in the price of the product. As wheat is an agricultural product and it is a necessary good; hence, wheat is relatively price inelastic. Even if the price changes, the demand for wheat does not get affected much (Thimmapuram Kim, 2013) Figure 2 shows the impact of price changes on the quantity demanded of wheat. As it is an agricultural and necessary product, changes in the price will not affect the quantity demanded much. It has a relatively inelastic demand curve. When the supply increases, the supply curve shifts rightwards to S2 from S1. The price falls from P1 to P2. Due to price inelasticity, the fall in price does not have a significant effect on the quantity demanded, as it rises from Q1 to Q2. Thus, revenue of the producers will not increase much (Wang Dalal, 2015). The discovery of new genes in the wheat varieties has a positive externality on the wheat production. Researchers assure that this new invention would help in the production of better quality and disease resistant wheat. The benefit will be enjoyed by everyone in the society. However, in this case, consumers will enjoy better and more bread wheat at a lower price. Therefore, producers might incur losses, as they would spend more for better quality seeds but would get less revenue. To solve this problem of positive externality, the government can give subsidies to the farmers. This subsidy would increase the revenue of the farmers, while the consumers do not have to pay extra price (Lin, 2014). This essay has discussed the possible effects of the discovery of new genes in the wheat varieties as highlighted in the article, and the impact on the prices of wheat. The new 21000 genes in 16 varieties of common wheat breed are opening a new direction in the wheat production in Australia. This would not only offer better quality of wheat but also increase the supply, as diseases in the crop would be reduced. As demand remains unchanged in the short run, the price of wheat would fall and revenue would not increase much. Hence, to prevent the effects of positive externalities, the government should provide subsidies to the farmers. References: Kirzner, I. M. (2015).Competition and entrepreneurship. University of Chicago press. Lin, S. A. (Ed.). (2014).Theory and measurement of economic externalities. Academic Press. Logan, T. (2017). Scientists make discovery that 'shakes up' foundations of wheat genome research. ABC News. Retrieved from Thimmapuram, P. R., Kim, J. (2013). Consumers' price elasticity of demand modeling with economic effects on electricity markets using an agent-based model.IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid,4(1), 390-397. Tomek, W. G., Kaiser, H. M. (2014).Agricultural product prices. Cornell University Press. Wang, W., Dalal, R. C. (2015). Nitrogen management is the key for low-emission wheat production in Australia: A life cycle perspective.European Journal of Agronomy,66, 74-82.